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Watch this 1 minute trailer of Magician Krishna Bhandari.This will definately give you an idea about Krishna's performance and Show.

Magician Krishna Bhandari performed for British Ambassador.Britisher's Love Indian Magic.Obviously they love Indian Colourful Magic.So if you are looking for Magic show for your foreign delegates or your important personnels of Company Krishna is the right choice.Get in touch!

Krishna Bhandari with British Consulate.

"Watching your magic will definitely add stars in my life"

Mr Mahesh Bhatt ( Bollywood Personality).

Krishna Bhandari is an Indian International Magician based in New Delhi and doing Magic from last years under guidance of his father who is world renowned Magician Ashok Bhandari.

At the age of 10 he started performing stage and Corporate shows.He is now engaged with different Event companies and NGO's.In recent years as a responsible youth he collabrated with different NGO's  for doing shows related to environment named "Magic with Message".He is been successful in drawing attention of youth ,awarded by different magic societies and Stood 1st in National Level Magic Championship  with Title ''Champion in Comedy Magic'' held in Udaipur.Krishna has staged many stage shows ,as an entertaining personality he loves performing for kids.He says,''They give you the purest form of response,He is best in Conveying messages through his magic,so wheather its your product or Brand Activation he can convey the message in best way that can be recalled after years of performance.He loves interacting with people and as a graduate  in Business administration and educated he sounds sensible.Magic is a universal art and yes ,1 year old or 60 year old everybody just loves magic.As a magician he has performed for country's prestigious celebrities viz Shahnaz hussain,Arun Bali,Saif Ali Khan,Udai Chopra and Lots more.As a full time professional he keeps on changing his tricks ,Bringing new technology in magic and bringing new stuff in magic .At last for him ''MAGIC IS LIFE''   


AAJTAK NEWS coverage of Magician Krishna Bhandari.

  • Charity shows !
  • Krishna is connected with lots of NGO's.If you have a good project and you are looking for doing something for the upliftment of society,he is with you.Watch this Video where he is performing for under priveledged Kids in association with HYATT THRIVE a NGO.

Krishna,' I like you.

Rubika Liaquat,Famous News Anchor

Krishna along with his father recently came in famous Zee News programme Wonderkids.In that show Krishna showed his magic skills,Krishna's was cloud nine when Rubika said to him that I like you after seeing his Magic.Click on the above picture to watch the whole performance and programme.

Krishna Bhandari  l  Rubika Liaquat

Magician Krishna Bhandari Promotional Clip

Krishna performing for underpriveleged kids.

''His Kabootar can do what Copenhagon could not''

MID DAY NEWSPAPER, Leading Indian Newspaper

Krishna these days perform lots of Corporate shows.As a Graduate in Business administration he understands todays Business needs.He then accordingly design the show which goes well with the theme and the guest can relate to it.Do you want you CEO,MD or any other important personality of Company to be introduced Magically? Yes ! its possible.Sit over a cup of coffee with Krishna and he will make it happen in a best possible way.Smile !

famous indian magician

Its always proud to see our Indian Emblem,its even more fascinating to get it.Krishna recently awarded by CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs).

''Recieving an award that too from Giverment official is a proud moment for me''

Krishna Bhandari

best magician delhi
indian magician delhi

Krishna with Kids.


If you are looking for a Magician who can make your Kids feel Magical and laugh like a baby all over again,Krishna is the right choice for your Kids Next Birthday Party ro your school event..

indian magician

Mrs Shahnaz Hussain  l  Krishna Bhandari.

Documentary on

Krishna Bhandari

Magician Krishna with Kids after the show

"You are my favourite"

Mrs. Shahnaz Hussain ,CEO Shahnaz Herbals

"Performing for Mrs Shahnaz Hussain is a par excellence experience,its not wrong to say that she is my Godfather"

Magician Krishna Bhandari

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